BamaBows Hunter Longbow

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Bama Bows Hunter

70# @ 28″. 66″ long. Maple riser; Bamboo limbs under black glass. Once tuned, no hand shock and dead quiet.


.300 Win Mag…Paleo Style

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This atlatl (first and only) I made using a hickory sapling. The spur is made from a brow tine of a mule deer shed antler. The dart is made from two Gold Tip Traditional 7595 shafts (32″ each) mated together with a 3″ bolt shaft and JB Weld. Thrower and Dart construction idea came from The New Atlatl And Dart Workbook by Walter R. Knapp.

Atlatl and Dart Atlatl and Dart Atlatl and dart Atlatl and dart Atlatl and dart Atlatl and dart